Where 2.0 slides

Hey, just wanted to throw a quick post up with my Where 2.0 slides. The slides are not too exciting, I need to learn to make prettier slides (or at least to try to spend more time on doing that), but I think the talk ended up decently. I plan to do blog posts of the new thoughts – the main thing I had fun with was thinking through how collaborative mapping will make business sense in the future, and how we’re going to get to tipping points where things will shift in bursts. It wasn’t exactly what I submitted as an abstract originally, but Schuyler hit on many of those thoughts, so I oriented my talk to expand on some of the points he didn’t have time to fully explore in his excellent keynote. Unfortunately I didn’t get to the legal part, time was tight after the lightning talks. But look for blog posts on the newer stuff, and I’m contemplating doing another tech talk, about this and more, which would get it on video for all to see.  Thanks to Brady and the whole O’Reilly crew for letting me talk, and for putting on a great conference.

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