GeoServer Tech Talk at Google

Last week I gave a ‘tech talk’ talk on GeoServer at Google, which was a fun experience. It’s for employees of Google, but they make the talk available to all on Google Video: GeoServer and Architectures of Participation for Geospatial Information. If you like it give a nice rating on the page. It touches on The Open Planning Project (my employer), how we leveraged standards to implement KML output in GeoServer to talk to Google Earth, and goes a bit in to architectures of participation for geodata, which I’m in the midst of writing about in this blog.

It’s 54 minutes long, perhaps in the future I’ll link to specific chunks of it. I’m also making the slides available (creative commons attribution license) in powerpoint and open document.

I also said I’d post some links in my blog. Many of them are already on the sidebar, and are also now referenced in the slides. But for completeness sake:

GeoServer homepage

GeoServer Google Earth info

GeoServer Google Maps info

The Open Planning Project

Coase’s Penguin, Yochai Benkler

Public Commons of Geographic Data, Harlan Onsrud, et. al (pdf)
Open Geospatial Consortium

Architecture of Participation by Tim O’Reilly

My take on Architectures of Participation you can also follow the tag.


2 thoughts on “GeoServer Tech Talk at Google

  1. Cool! Well done Chris.
    I would love if Google starts taking in consideration WMS and WFS as a source for overlays in Google Maps. You can do it now with not so much javascript but would be great if Google takes care of providing some good methods through their own API.

    Loading overlays from a WMS server can take more time than the Google overlays, not everybody has the same bandwidth!, and would be great if the API allows better control of the different overlays so that a loading message could be shown.

    I havent heard of kml 2.1 regions.


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