People are the most important thing in this world

There are a number of things that I’d like to riff on through out this blog, but I think it may be wise to start with where I’m coming from, lay out some root assumptions about what I think about this world. Setting these down may make some of my future posts make a bit more sense, and I hope that they can serve as footnotes and references so I don’t have to explain so much in the future. We’ll see if it works.The first assumption is that people are the most important thing in this world. Much of my writing is going to end up about technology, as it’s what I’m interested in these days. But the ground on which all the interests for me lays is people. I’m not talking about ‘users’ and being ‘user-centric’, I’m talking about people: your best friends, your family, those in your immediate circle of acquaintances, and the vast array of individuals who make up this world. Human beings are absolutely amazing, wonderful creatures, and we should never lose sight of that, no matter what our work, our career, our mission on this planet is. For the first 18 years of my life I lived more or less in my own world, never letting anyone know what I really thought, and thus never letting anyone in to really hurt me. And I didn’t get hurt, but I also didn’t experience any real happiness. When I went to college I decided to make friends my first priority, and the amount of love and pure happiness I’ve experienced since then is mind-blowing.

This for me has extended into a view of the world, in trying to see the light in everyone. I believe that human beings, at an individual level, want to do good, and want to love and be loved. Technology is interesting to me primarily for it’s potential to lead to greater connection and understanding between human beings. To giving a voice to all, to including everyone in a quest to create a better world. I believe that every single person has something valuable to contribute to the world, and technology should help to enable that contribution. We can not create a new world ‘for’ anyone, we must create it together.


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